9 Ways to Use Yoga Props - Burnlab
Beginner or Experienced, Yoga Props are an essential tool that help correct your postures. If one is struggling with balancing or stretching in the beginning of the practice, props give that subtle support that may boost the confidence level. On...
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Stretching and recovery
Work out every day but still feel you’re getting nowhere? Feel tired all the time despite working out regularly? Think you’ve hit a plateau when it comes to your fitness? You are not alone. Whether you are working out at home or going to the gym, burnout of this kind is quite common, and usually occurs when you only focus on your workouts and not on recovery. Learn all about recovery in this blog and enhance your ability!
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Skipping - the best workout for weight loss
Are you looking to lose weight? Do you find jogging or treadmill really boring? Don’t have access to green spaces to run or jog outside? In this article we will talk about a great, fun way to get your cardio done at low cost and at home - Skipping.
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