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Resistance Workouts


    Resistance band sets are versatile products and are a core component of any fitness regimen and level. They can be used for low impact strength training, adding support or push to bodyweight training/yoga/Pilates, and can be used for deepening stretches for better agility and recovery.

    Different types of Resistance Bands

    Fabric Loop Bands 

    Our Hip Band Set comes in a set of 3 with different resistance levels.  

    These help you isolate and target your glutes, hamstrings, quads, or any other leg or butt muscle group.

    Fabric Pull-up Bands

    Our Fabric Pull-up Resistance Bands come in a set of 5 with different resistance levels.

    These bands help you perform pull-ups without unnecessary strain. They can strengthen your trapezius, biceps, rhomboids, and lats.

    Latex Pull-up Bands

    Choose from 8 different resistance levels of our Latex Pull Up Resistance Bands. Buy them individually or as a set of 3 or 4. 

    Grow and strengthen your Upper Body, Legs, Abs, Back, or Arms with these pull-up bands.

    Resistance Tube Set

    Our resistance tube set comes with 5 tubes of different resistance levels, 2 padded Wrist & Ankle straps, 1 padded door anchor, 2 anti-slip foam handles, and a nylon carry bag. The 5 colored, stackable 50-inch tubes can be used one at a time or combined to reach up to 64 different levels.

    Use them for your full-body exercises, glute kickback exercises, superseding between weightlifting exercises, and more.

    Benefits of Resistance Bands

    1. Help in weight loss and body toning
    2. Improve flexibility, and range of motion
    3. Build strength without the need for heavyweights
    4. Assist in your pull-ups
    5. Are useful in rehabilitation and recovery, especially for hip, shoulder, and knee injuries.  

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