New Arrivals

    Browse through our new arrivals and get all the latest fitness gear right here!

    With everything from ab rollers and sit-up bars, to push-up boards, disc sliders, and adjustable dumbbells, you will be spoilt for choice.

    Burnlab new arrivals

    1. Ab roller with resistance tube: Useful for practicing exercises that strengthen your abs, shoulder, arms, chest, thighs, obliques, and glutes. 
    2. Push-up board: Gives you a stable surface to practice several variations of push-ups. Takes the pressure off your wrists by allowing you to place your hands, forearms, and wrists in a straight line. Place the handles in different positions to target different muscle groups during your push-ups.
    3. Ab roller: Helps in strengthening your core which leads to increased muscular endurance, improved balance and posture, and lower risk of injury. Use this to work on your upper body muscles including your chest, lats, erector spinae, deltoids, biceps, and triceps.
    4. Disc Sliders: Use these to amp up your core strength and balance while performing exercises including knee tucks, mountain climbers, planks, lunges, etc.
    5. Sit-up bar: Assists you in performing sit-ups, elbow planks, push-ups, sidekicks, etc. Use this to exercise your arms, abs, waist, shoulders, and more.
    6. Adjustable dumbbells: Our adjustable dumbbells are stackable up to 20 kilos. Use these to add some resistance to your isolated strength exercises including lateral raises and sit-ups and compound exercises such as lunges, and squats.
    7. Gym bags: We also have a selection of cool new gym bags both in cotton and faux leather. These 15-liter capacity bags are perfect for all your needs – be it the gym, road trips, or other outdoor activities. We also offer bags that come with a handy side compartment that is ideal for storing your shoes, water bottles, etc.