10 People To Follow On Instagram If You Are A Fitness Freak

fitness freak

Do you mark your days as “Chest Day”, “Leg Day”, “Back Day”, and “Arm Day”?

Are calories the only thing you like counting?

Do you love taking selfies of yourself pumping iron at the gym or performing a Crow pose on your Yoga mat?

Well, my friend, you’re definitely a fitness freak!

If you’re on the lookout for some amazing people to follow on Instagram for fitness advice, cool new workouts, and more, then you’re at the right place!

In this post, we’re going to share with you the list of 10 people that you absolutely MUST follow if you’re a fitness freak.

Here we go!

Fitness Freak Meaning and Synonyms

A fitness freak is someone obsessed with exercising and being fit. 

Here are some synonyms for fitness freak just for fun!

  • Gym rat
  • Fitness maniac
  • Exercise addict
  • Exercise enthusiast
  • Gym junkie
  • Fitness fanatic
  • Gym addict
  • Fitness addict
  • Fitness enthusiast
  • Fitness lover

Top 10 Fitness Influencers on Instagram

1. Simeon Panda

Insta handle: @simeonpanda

Followers: 8.2M

Specialty: Bodybuilding

Why should you follow him?

From a skinny teenager lifting weights at home to the owner of a sportswear company and one of Instagram’s most popular fitness influencers, Simeon Panda has come a long way. One look at his Insta feed and you’ll know why this man has muscles of steel! 

His workout routines are not for the fainthearted, like the one right here:



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2. Emily Skye

Insta handle: @emilyskyefit

Followers: 2.7M

Specialty: Fitness content for pregnant and postpartum women, motivational content.

Why should you follow her?

Emily Skye shares workout videos that everyone from beginners to advanced exercisers can enjoy. She loves keeping it real and discussing common issues that a lot of women face. She’s a big advocate of body positivity and making healthy lifestyle choices. 

Emily can teach you a trick or two when it comes to working out with your kids 😉



3. Joe Wicks

Insta handle: @thebodycoach

Followers: 327K

Specialty: Delicious and healthy recipes including vegan food.

Why should you follow him?

Think healthy food = tasteless boring food?? Well, you clearly haven’t seen The Body Coach’s Insta feed!

Joe Wicks knows how important it is to exercise regularly and eat healthy to stay fit. He shares some unbelievably yummy yet super healthy recipes that’ll have you drooling 🤤! 

Here’s proof!



4. Massy Arias

Insta handle: @massy.arias

Followers: 2.7M

Specialty: Resistance training, calisthenics, yoga, and HIIT.

Why should you follow her?

From being someone who couldn’t even lift five-pound dumbbells for three reps to a rising Instagram star (even Chris Hemsworth follows her!), Massy Arias’ story is truly inspirational. Her highly engaging videos include everything from cardio, strength training, and Yoga routines to exercise tips and healthy recipes.

Her “Wonder Woman” workout is sure to make you feel like a boss!



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5. Ebenezer Samuel

Insta handle: @ebenezersamuel23

Followers: 327K

Specialty: Weight training, and HIIT conditioning.

Why should you follow him?

With over 10 years of experience as a certified trainer, Ebenezer has trained the likes of NFL and track athletes. So you know you’re in good hands!! His feed is filled with varied routines to blast your core as you train other muscles.

Don’t miss his “Eb & Swole” series where he posts kickass workouts every week. 

Here’s a video of him crushing it with the basics!



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6. Namrata Purohit

Insta handle: @namratapurohit

Followers: 393K

Specialty: Pilates, Barre, and Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

Why should you follow her?

If you need someone to push you towards your fitness goals, it has to be Namrata. At just 16, she became the youngest trained Stott Pilates instructor in the world! She has trained various celebrities including Sara Ali Khan, Varun Dhawan, Jahnvi Kapoor, and Arjun Kapoor to name a few.  Scroll through her Insta page for tons of innovative workouts, challenging variations of exercises, fitness facts, and more!

Here's Namrata showing you 5 moves that’ll 🔥 up your entire body!



7. Rohit Khatri

Insta handle: @rohitkhatrifitness

Followers: 583K

Specialty: Bodybuilding

Why should you follow him?

Want to get bulky? Rohit Khatri is your man! With a background in Sports Science nutrition, Rohit loves to share his muscle-building tips and diet plans (in Hindi) with his Instagram and YouTube followers. 

Here’s Rohit sharing his tips on how to get those shredded biceps 💪



8. Swetha Dev

Insta handle: @sweatyswetha

Followers: 100K

Specialty: Animal Flow, Strength training.

Why should you follow her?

If you’ve ever been one of those women who are wary of weightlifting, then all you need is a dose of Swetha Dev’s workout videos. A vascular radiologist by education and a fitness trainer by passion and profession, Swetha is also an expert at “Animal Flow” – a bodyweight movement discipline that involves you getting down on all fours. Here’s one woman who’ll motivate you to get off that couch and into the gym!

Here’s a video of Swetha showing you how to work those glutes with booty bands!



9. Kunal Rajput

Insta handle: @subtle.strength

Followers: 48.7K

Specialty: Powerlifting, CrossFit, calisthenics, and bodyweight training.

Why should you follow him?

A certified Strength and Conditioning coach with an experience of over 7 years, Kunal is one of the only 4 Nike Coaches in India. Kunal strongly believes that everyone’s body is different and people should keep experimenting until they find the right type of fitness activity for them. Watch him bust fitness myths, share exercise tips, mental health mantras, and more on his Insta page.

Here’s Kunal sharing some fitness gyaan! 


10. Radhika Bose

Insta handle: @yogasini

Followers: 579K

Specialty: “Not just Yoga” 😉

Why should you follow her?

If there’s one person who can make fitness seem super fun, it’s Radhika Bose. Her videos are easy-to-follow and are sure to kick those Monday blues to the curb! Radhika is a huge advocate for mental, physical, and sexual wellness. Don’t miss out on her awesome fitness challenges that’ll blast those calories while putting a smile on your face 😊

Here’s a sample!



We hope these 10 fitness influencers will inspire you to be even more of a fitness freak than you are now!

Who's your fav person on this list? Let us know in the comments below!


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