What is the correct thickness for a yoga mat?

What is the correct thickness for a yoga mat?

Most standard Yoga mats are 3.175 mm or 1/8 inch thick. These mats provide good contact with the floor and the right amount of stability for all types of Yoga poses and are thus a good size for most Yoga practitioners.

For the average Yoga or Pilates practice, we recommend avoiding mats that are either too thin (1-3 mm) or too thick (6mm+).

Yoga mats of varying thickness and when to use them

The thickness of Yoga mats can range from 1 mm all the way to 12 mm. We’ll talk about the 4 common types of Yoga mats available.

Extra-thick yoga mats

These mats are 6mm+ thick. The extra thickness means excellent cushioning which is great for people with sensitive joints or tender knees.

If you are into restorative or Yin Yoga or poses that require you to kneel or use your forearms more, then these thick Yoga mats can be perfect for you.

However, this mat is not ideal for more dynamic Yoga practices such as Ashtanga as you might have a hard time holding your balance during standing poses.

Thick Yoga mats 

These mats are around 6mm thick and make sense for people who want good support and cushioning for their joints. These mats are thick enough that you don’t feel the floor beneath you but also not so thick that your hands and feet sink into the mat.

A high-grip, thick and dense Yoga mat is perfect for both dynamic Yoga practices such as Vinyasa and Ashtanga and also for slow-paced practices including Yin Yoga.

Thick Yoga mats can be pretty heavy. So, if portability is your main priority, you might want to stick to a thinner mat.

Average thickness Yoga mats

These mats are in the 3-5 mm thickness range and are commonly used by most Yogis. These provide you with just enough cushioning to keep you grounded while protecting your joints. 

The key advantage of thin mats is that they offer good stability and don’t bunch up. So these are perfect for more active styles of Yoga such as Vinyasa and Ashtanga. And they are light on your wallet too!

You can also use these types of mats along with a yoga towel topper for your Hot yoga practice. 

Travel Yoga mats

These ultra-thin Yoga mats are just 1-2mm thick. The best part about these mats is that they are travel-friendly, easily foldable, and lightweight.

The not-so-great feature of this mat is that they provide zero cushioning. So if you have joint troubles, this one’s not for you.

It could be quite uncomfortable to use this mat on a hard floor made of concrete or wood. So we recommend placing the mat on a carpet or an older mat during your practice.

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