Yoga Mats & Blocks

    Key Features of Burnlab Yoga Mats

    Our Yoga Mats for men come in two colors – blue and black.

    • Tough And Sturdy: Extremely dense and durable yoga mats that don’t peel or scrape off even during intense yoga workouts like Vinyasa or Ashtanga yoga.
    • Thick: 5 mm thick mats that offer excellent support and cushioning for your joints.
    • Superb Grip: Our ‘sticky’ mat with dual side textured surface keeps you stable and prevents slips. Suitable for any floor type including marble, tiles, etc.
    • Bacteria Resistant: Made using ‘close cell technology’ that resists sweat absorption and bacteria growth. 
    • Non-Toxic & 6p Free: Our PVC mats are free of toxic Phthalates including DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP, and DNOP. 
    • Easy Maintenance: Remove stains and spills using a mild detergent and wipe clean with a soft cloth

    What are Yoga Blocks?

    A Yoga block or yoga brick is a smooth block of either wood or a solid, yet comfortable material such as cork or hard foam rubber. It is a valuable yoga prop or tool that helps you in 3 main ways: 

    • Makes yoga poses more accessible
    • Acts as a support
    • Develops your strength by adding a challenge to your yoga practice

    Benefits of Yoga Blocks

    Yoga Blocks can be used by both beginners and experienced yoga practitioners alike.

    • Help maintain balance: Are extremely useful during sitting, squatting, and standing positions. They help you maintain your posture for longer, especially in restorative yoga practice.
    • Provide support: Support your head and neck during lying positions or support your weight during sitting and standing positions. 
    • Allow you to achieve a deeper stretch: Allows your body to sink deeper into your poses and get the full stretch that you need.
    • Brings the ground closer: When you’re unable to reach the floor during some poses, yoga blocks can create length and bring the ground closer to you, so that you don’t strain your body.

    Features of Burnlab Yoga Blocks

    • Made of high-density EVA foam
    • Made using ‘close cell technology’ that resists sweat absorption and bacteria growth.
    • Easy to clean

    About Burnlab

    Burnlab provides premium, reliable, best-in-category, fitness gear that is curated for performance, the right function, and body support at affordable prices.

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