How to tie resistance bands?

How to tie resistance bands

You can tie your resistance bands to a door anchor, pull-up bar, wall anchor, and power rack to name a few.

How to tie resistance bands to a door anchor

Door anchors consist of a strong nylon loop with one side being thicker. 

Here’s how you anchor your resistance band with a door anchor:

  • Open your door.
  • Slip the door anchor between the door and the door frame next to the door hinge.
  • The thinner part of the nylon loop should be sticking out on your side of the door, and the thicker part on the other side.
  • Close the door and lock it.
  • Pull the loop to ensure that it is secure.
  • Thread your resistance band through the loop of the door anchor and you’re good to go.
  • If you’re using resistance tubes, attach the handles to both ends of the tube using the clips provided.


  • Ensure your door has enough clearance so that you can close it tightly even with the loop in between.
  • Install the door anchor only next to the door hinge and not on the side of the door that opens.
  • Don’t install the door anchor at the top or the bottom gap of the door, unless specified otherwise.

How to tie resistance bands to a pull-up bar

  • Wipe down your pull-up bar to remove any moisture or sweat. This will prevent your band from sliding back and forth.
  • Throw your resistance band over the pull-up bar and position it in the center of the bar.
  • Adjust both ends of the band so that they are equidistant from the center of the bar.
  • Take one end of the resistance band and pull it through itself to create a knot.
  • Pull the end of the band that is hanging down to tighten the knot.
  • Now your resistance band is securely tied to the pull-up bar.


How to do assisted pull-ups using resistance bands

  • Stand on a platform (a small box or a step ladder) if you can’t reach the pull-up bar. Position it so that it is directly beneath the bar.
  • After you secure the band tightly to the pull-up bar, pull the hanging end of the band down a few feet.
  • Place your dominant foot inside the band and push it down a little to stabilize yourself.
  • Position your hands on the pull-up bar with an overhand grip (palms facing away from your body). Let your hands be around 1-2 feet away from the center of the bar.
  • Place your other foot over your dominant foot. Angle it slightly towards the ground to prevent the band from slipping out from under you while doing your pull-ups.
  • Now with your core squeezed, knees slightly bent, and your back straight, raise your body as high as you can. Do this until your chin is at or above the level of the bar.
  • Slowly lower yourself down to the original position. This is one rep. Continue for as many reps as comfortable.

How to tie resistance bands to a power rack

If you own a power rack, there are different ways you can anchor your resistance bands to them. 

You could 

  • Tie your resistance bands to the band pegs on your power rack.
  • Wrap your bands around the uprights and braces.

To know more about how you can tie your resistance bands to power racks and other gym equipment such as barbells, leg presses, gym benches, etc., check out this article.

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