Can You Put Handles On Resistance Bands?

handle for resistance band

Wondering if you can attach handles to resistance bands? Yes, you most certainly can!

There are different types of resistance bands available including loop bands (pull-up bands), resistance tubes with handles, mini bands, hip bands, and so on.

Loop-style bands form a closed loop and usually don’t come with handles. Resistance tube sets on the other hand come with accessories including handles, door anchors, and ankle & wrist cuffs.

How to attach a handle to a resistance band?

Handles can be bought separately and attached to resistance bands.

Here’s how.

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Benefits of attaching handles on resistance bands

Here’s why you should attach handles to resistance bands. They:

  • Provide extra comfort and prevent hand irritation.
  • Prevent the resistance bands from slipping from your hands.
  • Help you get a better grip.
  • Are useful when you want to combine multiple bands to make your exercises more challenging.
  • Make certain exercises easier to perform.
  • Are good for people who have latex sensitivity.

How to make your own DIY handles for resistance bands

If you don’t want to buy handles for resistance bands, you can make your own handles or improvise. 

You could use a dish or a hand towel by simply looping it around one end of the band. This could be used for single-arm push or pull movements and bilateral movements. Depending on how you grip the towel, you can change the leverage point of the band relative to the joint you are exercising and hence get a more effective workout.

You could also use a PVC pipe. This is great when you want to create offset loading (where you intentionally load one side more than the other).

Check this video for more details.


Alternative to attaching handles to resistance bands

If you don’t want to buy separate handles or make your own handles for resistance bands, we recommend buying a resistance tube set that comes with handles. 

These are great for 

  • Full-body workouts
  • Pressing and pulling exercises such as triceps pulldowns, overhead presses, lying hamstring curls & more.
  • Rotational Exercises (woodchoppers, Russian twists, etc.)
  • For supersetting between weightlifting exercises

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