What Should Be The Ideal Length Of Your Skipping Rope?

What Should Be The Ideal Length Of Your Skipping Rope?

Do you like to jump rope? You’re not alone.

There are lots of people who are into hard-core rope jumping. And for good reason.

Skipping ropes boost your cardiovascular health, improve your balance, enhance your stamina and concentration, and can even increase your bone density.

And not to mention, it is a super fun way to blast some serious calories. We’re talking 200 to 300 calories in just 15 minutes!

But did you know that the length of your skipping rope can make a huge difference in how well you perform?

Read on to find out what the ideal skipping rope length is for you…

Is the length of my skipping rope such a big deal?


A jump rope that is too long can slow you down, strike the ground too far in front of you, bounce back and hit you on the legs, and cause trip-ups.

On the other hand, a jump rope that is too short can hit you on the back of your neck, cause trip-ups, and give you very little room for errors.

How to measure your jump rope based on your height

One of the most common methods to measure your skipping rope is based on your height.

Check out our jump rope length chart to find out which length of rope is the closest fit for you.

Now you’re probably thinking, “I’m 6’, so I can just pick up a jump rope which is 9’ long.”

But wait.

While a chart like this is a good way to get a ballpark length of your skipping rope, it isn’t going to guarantee a perfect fit.


Because this method doesn’t take into account the variations in the length of people’s arms, legs, and torsos.

You and your buddy might be the same height, but your legs might be shorter than his or vice versa, right?

And that means you’ll end up with a jump rope that is just not right for you.

Accurate methods to measure your skipping rope

1.     The Armpit Method

Step 1: Stand on the midpoint of your rope

Stand in front of a mirror.

Hold your skipping rope and step onto it with both your feet right at the middle of your rope. Ensure there’s at least a gap of 1 to 2 inches between your feet. When you hold up your rope, each of its ends should be at equal length from the midpoint.

Step 2: Pull the rope taut

Hold your handles steady and pull up your skipping rope so that it is taut. Now see where the handles reach up to your chest.

Step 3: Measure where the handles reach

Look in your mirror and see where the tops of the handles (where the handle meets the cable) line up with your body.

They should reach your

  • Armpits, if you’re a beginner
  • Nipple line, if you’re a jump rope expert

As a general rule, the top of the handles should be around 6 inches from your collarbone.

Please note that the armpit method also doesn’t account for factors like your arm length, your height from the waist upwards, and handle length.

Here's a video showing you how to size a jump rope using the armpit method.

2.     The Clearance Method

In this method, you need to jump with your skipping rope and check the clearance of the rope as it travels over your head. This will help you size your rope that is specific to you and your body type.

So how do you check the clearance?

Jump with good form by following the below steps:

  • Hold your jump rope
  • Stand in front of a mirror
  • Relax your arms and place your hands right in front of your hip bones
  • Do not hold them out wide and away from your hips
  • Start jumping
  • Check in your mirror to see how far the rope goes above your head.

Depending on your style of jumping, the clearance should be as follows. 

Jump level / style

Clearance above your head

As big as

Beginners / Kids / Fitness

10" to 18"

2 handspans

Double Unders

4" to 8"

An average sized banana

Competitive Speed Jumping

2" to 6"

Regular hotdog


6" to 14"

4 credit cards


If the clearance above your head turns out to be more than the above-mentioned values, you’ll have to size down your jump rope.



Sizing goals for various levels

1. Beginners / Kids / Fitness Jumping

When you’re a beginner or just someone who wants to stay fit, you are not overly concerned about speed. Your main goal is consistency and therefore a longer rope would work best for you.


Because with a smaller rope, there’s a bigger chance of you tripping-up and getting hurt (and possibly, quit jumping!)

A longer rope, on the other hand, will give you more room to make mistakes.

2. Double unders

With double unders, you’re aiming for efficiency. So a shorter rope would work the best for you.

You want to use minimum effort with maximum rope control. A long rope would trip you up, slow you down, and waste your effort.

3. Competitive speed jumping

Here your main goal is maximum speed and control and minimum mistakes.

As you can see from the above table, the clearance value for speed jumping is the least (2" to 6"). So a short rope would be your best bet.

Some of the fastest jumpers in the world even use jump ropes that travel only 1” above their heads!

4. Freestyle jumping

With freestyle jumping, your goal is maximum control.

Usually, freestyle jumpers prefer their ropes to travel 6" to 14" above their heads, but this is just a rough estimate.

You are the best judge as you need to play around and test which rope length works wonders for you.

How to adjust your skipping rope

1. Skipping ropes with screw-type adjusters

  • Loosen the screw at the top of the handle
  • Push the cord until it is at the desired length
  • Tighten the screw at this position
  • Check if this length works for you
  • Clip off the extra wire using wire cutters

2. Skipping ropes with adjustment clip in the handle

  • Take off the handle cap
  • Push the rope through the bottom
  • Loosen the adjustment clips
  • Move the clips to where you want them to be
  • Tighten it
  • Clip off the extra wire, if required
  • Close the cap

Watch this video to see how it is done.


Best Skipping Ropes by Burnlab

Whether you’re a jump rope pro or just learning the ropes (pun fully intended), Burnlab has got you covered!

1. Spin Variable Rope

Core strength exercises. Aerobics. Bodybuilding.

These jump ropes are great for all these purposes.

Our Spin Variable rope measures 9.8 feet and comes with 2 options:



Ideal for


4 mm



2.4 mm

Intermediate or Advanced



  • Tangle-free Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) coated cable for High Durability
  • Anti-slip Handles for Superior Grip
  • 360° Swivel system for Speed and Smooth Rotation

2. Weighted (280gms) Skipping Rope

These skipping ropes carry additional weight in the cable.

With a weighted skipping rope, you don’t just get a cardio workout, you engage your upper extremity muscles too. Not to mention, you burn a lot more calories!

Suitable for : Beginners and Advanced jumpers


  • Weighs 280g
  • Soft foam handles
  • PVC plaited rope
  • Adjustable length

Skipping Rope Length

3. Active Skipping Rope (Orange)

These are great for fitness, and weight loss and can be used by men, women, and children alike.

Suitable for : Beginners and Advanced jumpers


  • PVC coated cables
  • Soft foam handles

Skipping Rope Length

4. Active Adjustable Speed Rope

Speed is the name of the game when it comes to these ropes. Thin and super light, these ropes are a great way to take your footwork and conditioning skills up a notch.

Speed ropes are also perfect for your double and even triple unders.

Suitable for: Advanced users


  • PVC Coated Steel Wire
  • Lightweight Handle
  • 360° Swivel System
  • Tangle Free Rope
  • Adjustable length

5. Pro Variable Rope

These are weighted handle skipping ropes – meaning they carry additional weight in the handles.

These are great if you want to give your forearms an intensive workout.

Pick these if you want to build your speed, power, and endurance at once.

Two options here to choose from.


Rope Thickness

Handle weight


2.5 mm

0.22 kg

Power Plus

2.5 mm and 3.5 mm

0.22 kg


Suitable for: Beginners and Advanced users


  • High-Quality PVC Coated Steel Cable
  • Anti-slip Handles
  • Adjustable Length

6. Active Metallic Handles Speed Rope

These ropes measure 9.8 feet and are awesome for HIIT workouts, CrossFit, and double unders.

Suitable for: Beginners and Advanced users


  • Aluminium Anti-slip handles
  • Plastic coated steel cable
  • Tangle-free and thin rope for low air resistance
  • Adjustable length

    Skipping Rope Length

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