What Are Resistance Bands Made Of?

What are resistance bands made of

Resistance bands are one of the most effective and portable fitness tools for strength training, bodybuilding, and toning. These lightweight elastic bands create resistance and force your muscle fibers to contract. This contracting motion develops strength in your muscles as you pull against the band. 

Resistance bands are also used to add support to bodyweight training/Yoga/Pilates, and for deepening stretches for better agility and recovery.

Resistance bands go by quite a few names today – exercise bands, booty bands, hip bands, workout bands, resistance tubes, training bands, loop bands, strength bands, and stretch bands.

Resistance bands have been in existence since the early 1900s. They were originally used for physical therapy and rehabilitation by people with muscular injuries and cardiac patients to rebuild their strength.

What are resistance bands made of?

Back in the day, resistance bands were made from durable medical and surgical tubing.

Since then resistance bands have evolved and are now made of natural latex, synthetic latex, fabric, or silicone. Natural latex is collected from the bark of rubber trees in Southeast Asia, while synthetic latex is produced from petroleum oil. Both types of latex have similar properties and bands made from them are long-lasting.

Resistance bands by Burnlab

There are several types of resistance bands including:

  1. Pull up bands
  2. Resistance Tubes
  3. Fit loop resistance bands / Hip bands / Mini loop bands
  4. Figure 8 resistance bands
  5. Ring resistance bands
  6. Lateral resistance bands
  7. Therapy bands
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