What Type Of Training Do I Need To Do To Lose Weight?

Training To Lose Weight

The best type of training to lose weight would be a combination of cardio and strength training. And one of the most effective ways to combine cardio and strength training is interval training.

What is interval training?

Interval training is where you alternate between short bouts of intense training and periods of rest or lower intensity. This type of training could lead to higher weight loss as it causes your body to burn more fat in the 24 hours after you exercise. The intense nature of this type of training uses up the oxygen available to the muscles and thus forces them to burn fat for energy instead.

Studies have shown that interval training is more effective for weight loss than continuous, moderate exercise like brisk walking.

Type of training to do to lose weight

If weight loss is your goal, then HIIT (High-intensity interval training) is one of the best options.

HIIT has been proven to be one of the most time-efficient ways to burn calories and melt fat. Say you burn X calories in 45 minutes of moderate intensity, non-interval-based training, you might burn the same number of calories in around 30 minutes of a HIIT session.

The key here is to be working at about 80-85% of your maximum heart rate during the intense periods while working at 40-50% of the same during your recovery periods.

How to structure a HIIT workout

The great part about HIIT is you can convert any of your favorite exercises into a HIIT routine. 

Sample running HIIT routine

  • 30 seconds – Brisk jog/run
  • 30-60 seconds – Slow walk
  • Repeat this circuit 10 times.

Sample jump rope HIIT routine

  • 30 seconds – Do basic jumps at high intensity
  • 30-60 seconds – Walk in place/light jogging
  • Repeat this circuit 5-10 times.

Sample bodyweight HIIT routine

Choose 8-10 exercises. Perform each move for 30 seconds followed by 30 seconds of rest (1 circuit). Aim for 2-3 circuits. Check our blog post on 10 super effective HIIT workouts here.

Sample Elliptical machine HIIT routine

  • 2 minutes – Slow jog on a low resistance setting (warmup)
  • 30 seconds – Sprint on a high resistance/incline setting.
  • 60 seconds – Slow jog on low resistance.
  • Alternate between work and rest 10 times.
  • 3 minutes – Cool down with a slow jog.

How often should you do HIIT

You could aim for 30-minute HIIT sessions twice or thrice per week. Ensure that you have at least 24 hours of rest between consecutive sessions.

How fast can you lose weight with interval training?

Here’s the hard truth. 

Your weight loss is 100% dependent on you being in a CALORIE DEFICIT. So unless you’re burning more calories than you consume, none of the training you do is going to matter. 

So, assuming you’re in a calorie deficit, 30 days of HIIT is the sweet spot for seeing any kind of results, weight loss included. 

Realistically, most people could lose around 2-4 pounds of fat per week with a consistent interval training routine (10-15 pounds for overweight people). 

Final words

Both interval style and steady-state cardio workouts are equally good for weight loss, with the main difference being that HIIT can burn a similar number of calories in less time. 

Another great option for weight loss is strength training because the more muscle on your body, the more calories you burn. Try incorporating a lot of compound movements like jumping jacks, burpees, squat jumps, etc. in your training session to maximize your calorie burn and weight loss.

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