Is Working Out In The Morning Better?

Is working out in the morning better

The answer to this could depend on your gender and your specific fitness goals, as per a 2022 study.

Let’s look at whether morning or evening workouts are better for both men and women.


Fitness Goal

Which is better – Morning or Evening Workout?


Weight loss (specifically belly fat)

Morning workouts

Reduce blood pressure

Morning workouts

Improve leg strength

Morning workouts

Increase upper body strength

Evening workouts

Enhance power and endurance

Evening workouts


Weight loss

Evening workouts

Reduce blood pressure

Evening workouts

Improve heart health

Evening workouts

Muscle building

Evening workouts

Benefits of morning workouts

1. Promotes more fat burn

Working out in the morning, especially on an empty stomach, causes your body to use fat as its primary fuel source, thus burning more fat (20% more fat, as per research). Also, your cortisol and growth hormone levels are higher in the mornings which also causes the body to drain your fat reserves. 

Studies also show that exercising in the morning reduces your appetite throughout the day and hence prevents you from packing on those pounds.

2. Helps improve your sleep cycle

Working out in the morning could help you have a better quality of sleep at night, as per research. In fact, studies show that exercising in the morning can have a positive impact on your circadian rhythm. This means you’ll automatically be super alert in the mornings and run out of battery juice in the evenings.

3. Helps you be more consistent

Research suggests that people who work out in the mornings have a higher chance of making it a routine. 

4. Improves your focus

Having trouble concentrating on your work? A morning workout might be just the solution!

A recent study shows that working out in the mornings had a positive effect on alertness, focus, energy levels, decision-making, and visual learning. 

5. Gets you pumped for the day

That rush of endorphins that you get from exercising is the best way to start your day. These happy hormones will keep your spirits up throughout the day, translating to more productivity at work/home.

Benefits of evening workouts

1. Improved performance

People usually have increased levels of power and endurance later in the day. Research suggests that people perform better at exercises such as swimming, jumping, cycling, etc. in the evenings. They also take 20% longer to feel exhausted!

2. Larger strength gains

In the evening, your testosterone levels are higher and cortisol levels are lower than in the mornings, which is the ideal state for muscle building. In a recent study, it was seen that people who worked out in the evenings had gained more muscle mass than their morning counterparts.

3. Less time to warm up

Your body temperature is naturally higher in the evenings as compared to the mornings, which improves your workout performance. (You still have to warm up before you begin your workout though!)

All said and done, the best time to work out is the time that suits your schedule. If you’re a morning person who likes nothing better than to start your day with a workout, then stick to that. But if you find yourself more energetic in the evenings, then that is when you should exercise.

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