Push Up Board - Burnlab
Push Up Board - Burnlab
Push Up Board - Burnlab
Push Up Board - Burnlab

Push Up Board

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Burnlab Push-Up Board is an innovative color-coded pushup board training system that strengthens and shapes the entire upper body (chest, shoulders, back, and arms ) while connecting to its total core.

This challenging pushup Board training strength and conditioning program combine pushups with intense calorie-burning cardio, plyometrics, and core exercises for a total body workout. In just 30 minutes a day, you'll build muscle, build upper and lower body strength, burn calories, and lose weight.

No need to leave the house, stay healthy, safe, and fit - within the comfort of your own home!

Target specific muscle groups using a color-coded training system:

Shoulders - Red
Chest - Blue
Back - Yellow
Triceps - Green


  •  High-Quality Materials: The push-up board is made of high-quality ABS plastic and comes with a non-slip mat. Use the two together to make your daily exercise safer and more comfortable.
  • Multifunctional Push-up Board: Colour muscle board, exercise your upper body muscles in an all-round way. You can insert the handle into the slot of the corresponding color according to the part you need to exercise. The blue area exercises the chest muscles, the red area exercises the shoulders, the green area exercises the triceps, and the yellow area exercises the back muscles.
  • Foldable Design: The new push-up board is foldable and more convenient. You can take the push-up board to any place through simple assembly and storage, which can be used in the room, gym, outdoor, etc.
  • Protect Your Wrists: Exercise on the push-up board to avoid direct pressing of the palms on the ground, prevent ligament damage due to joint compression, and reduce the body pressure during training, so as to stretch and exercise muscles more effectively.
  • Convenient and portable - The Sit-Up bar comes in the size of 64×20×1.8CM
    1300G which is foldable and easy to carry.
  • Best Fitness Partner: Push-up rack boards are suitable for men and women, students, athletes, or beginners. No need to be a gym member or spend precious time going to the gym, your fitness journey can start here.