Ankle & Wrist Weight Set (E)

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Ankle Weight-(E)


Integrating an extra layer of challenge into your fitness routine, Ankle Weights have become indispensable accessories for those seeking to elevate their strength and endurance training. These versatile and adjustable weights, designed to be strapped securely around the ankles, offer a dynamic way to intensify workouts and target specific muscle groups.

Whether you're engaging in traditional leg lifts, walking, jogging, or incorporating them into more dynamic exercises, Ankle Weights offer a practical and accessible means to elevate your fitness regimen. With adjustable options to suit different fitness levels and preferences, Ankle Weights have become popular accessories among fitness enthusiasts, allowing for targeted muscle engagement and contributing to overall physical well-being.

Explore the realm of diversified workouts and amplify the results of your lower body training with the inclusion of Ankle Weights in your fitness arsenal.


Durable Material and Comfortable Padding: Constructed from durable material such as cast iron/polyester fabric, ankle weights are designed to withstand regular use and maintain their integrity over time. Ankle Weights are equipped with padding to enhance comfort during use, reducing the risk of chafing or discomfort even during prolonged workouts.

Adjustable Weight: Ankle weights often come with adjustable weight options, ranging from 0.5kg to 5kg, allowing users to increase or decrease resistance according to their fitness levels and workout goals.

Multipurpose Use: Ankle weights are versatile accessories suitable for a wide range of exercises, including leg lifts, lunges, leg curls, and more, making them ideal for both strength training and rehabilitation purposes.

Compact and Portable: They are compact and easy to transport, allowing users to incorporate resistance training into their workouts whether at home, the gym, or while travelling.

Targeted Muscle Engagement: Ankle weights facilitate targeted muscle engagement, helping users strengthen and tone muscles in the lower body, including the glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves.

Additional Information

Material: Cast Iron/Polyester Fabric

Colour: Black

Size & Weight:

  • 28*13*5cm (0.5kg)
  • 28*23*5cm (1kg)
  • 35*17*5cm (1.5kg)
  • 35*18*5cm (2kg)
  • 36*8.5*5cm (2.5kg)
  • 39*24*12cm (5kg)


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