Weight lifting gym gloves

Weight lifting gym gloves


    Burnlab's gym gloves provide supreme comfort, excellent grip, protection and are easy to maintain.

    Why buy Weight Lifting Gym Gloves?

    • They offer extra support for your hands and help improve your grip and control over your weights leading to a more effective workout.
    • They absorb all your sweat and prevent it from causing friction between your hands and your gym equipment, thus preventing the occurrence of painful blisters and calluses on your hand.
    • Gym gloves with wrist support wrap around your wrists and prevent injuries by providing extra padding and protection.
    • They eliminate the need for using messy chalk.

        Best Weight Lifting Gym Gloves

        Burnlab specializes in both wrist support gloves (Active F8) and gloves without wrist support (Flex and Force).

        Standout Features of Burnlab Gym Gloves

        Wrist Support Gloves

        1. Wrist Support: Broad, Adjustable Wrist Support Band That Offers Protection While Lifting Heavy Weights
        2. Excellent Grip: Textured Palm Surface That Helps You Get A Better Grip On Your Gym Equipment
        3. Full Palm Protection: Made Of Soft Eva Foam That Covers Your Entire Palm And Provides Soft Padding To Protect Your Hands From Calluses
        4. Ventilated: Made With Stretchable, Breathable Mesh Fabric To Wick Away Sweat. This Ensures Good Ventilation Leading To A Productive Workout.
        5. Easy maintenance: Machine Wash

             Flex Force Gym Gloves

            1. Optimum Compression: Made using stretchable spandex that fits your hands snugly and hence doesn't slip off.
            2. Supreme Comfort: Finger loops that help you get your gloves on and off easily. Airy stretchy webbing that is breathable and sweat-wicking.
            3. Superlative Grip and Protection: Textured palm surface and Silica gel-infused padding for better grip and protection against calluses.

              About Burnlab

              Burnlab provides premium, reliable, best-in-category, fitness gear that is curated for performance, the right function, and body support at affordable prices.