Skipping rope for girls

    Skipping ropes are great for girls and women as they help in weight loss, improve cardio fitness & stamina, strengthen bones, and more.

    Best Skipping Ropes for girls by Burnlab

    Burnlab offers Beginner ropes and Variable skipping ropes that are suitable for girls, kids, and women.

    Beginner Ropes

    These are strong and durable ropes that are great for beginners and kids who want to stay fit.

    Orange Skipping Rope


    • PVC coated cables
    • Soft foam handles

    Variable Ropes

    These ropes are versatile in that you can choose ropes of different thicknesses and can also add extra weights in the handles based on your skill level.

    Pro Variable Rope

    This rope comes with handle weights and is suitable for beginner to advanced levels. It can be used for building speed, power, and endurance and is great to work out your forearms.

    Two options here to choose from.


    Rope Thickness

    Handle weight


    2.5 mm

    0.22 kg

    Power Plus

    2.5 mm and 3.5 mm

    0.22 kg


    • High-Quality PVC Coated Steel Cable
    • Anti-slip weighted Handles

    Spin Variable rope

    This rope is great for core strength exercises, cardio workouts, aerobics, and bodybuilding.

    These skipping ropes come with 2 options:



    Ideal for 


    4 mm



    2.4 mm

    Intermediate or Advanced 


    • Highly durable PVC coated cable
    • Anti-slip Handles for Superior Grip
    • 360° Swivel system for Speed and Smooth Rotation

    What makes our ropes best for women?

    • Durable and strong
    • Lightweight
    • Adjustable length
    • Tangle-free rope
    • Great for both beginners and advanced level

    About Burnlab

    Burnlab provides premium, reliable, best-in-category, quality workout gear that is curated for performance, the right function, and body support at affordable prices.