Pull up bands set

    What are Pull-up Bands?

    Pull-up band sets are versatile products and are a core component of any fitness regimen and level. They can be used for low impact strength training, adding support or push to bodyweight training/yoga/Pilates, and can be used for deepening stretches for better agility and recovery.

    Pull-up bands are useful in strengthening the muscles around the knee, especially in patients with arthritis and IT band syndrome.

    Different uses of Pull-up bands

    • Assist you in your pull-ups and chin-ups. For instance, if you weigh 75 kg and you use a pull-up band of 25 kg resistance, then you are only pulling up 50 kg instead of your full body weight. This means you can do more reps without losing form.  

    • Good for CrossFit, powerlifting, calisthenics, physical therapy, Pilates, stretching and mobility exercises, and full-body toning workouts.

    How to use Pull-up bands

    • Use them in pull-up band workouts such as squats, bicep curls, shoulder presses, X-walks, Good Mornings, and triceps extensions by securing them under your feet.

    • Attach the band to a doorknob (or any secure object) for your chest extensions, twisting oblique exercises, and standing rows.

    • Loop it around your back and secure with your hands for banded push-ups.

    Best pull-up assist bands from Burnlab

    Burnlab offers 

    Fabric Resistance Bands (Set of 5) 

    These bands help you perform pull ups without unnecessary strain. They can strengthen your trapezius, biceps, rhomboids, and lats.

      Latex Pull-up Bands set

        Strength kit

        Use this kit for strength training. Set of 2 (Light: 15-20 kg & Medium: 20-25 kg)

          Stretch kit 

          Use this kit for stretching and deepening your movements. Set of 3 (Light, X-Light: 12-18 kg, XX-Light: 8-12 kg)

            All-in-one kit

            Use this kit for stretching, strengthening, and pull-up assist. Set of 4 (Light, Medium, Heavy: 25-35 kg, X-Heavy: 40-45 kg)

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