Fitness kits for home

    Fitness kits for home

    Looking to buy high-quality gym equipment for your home gym? Get the best home workout kit combos right here at Burnlab!

    Practice tons of different home exercises using our wide range of fitness gear. So take your pick!

    11 pcs Resistance Tubes set

    Use the resistance tube set to get a full body workout. Increase the range of workouts using the free door anchor that helps you work your upper and lower body. Switch out the handles with the wrist or ankle straps to work out individual muscle groups.

    This set contains:

    • 5 tubes of different resistance levels (Up to 68 kg resistance)
    • 2 padded Wrist & Ankle straps
    • 1 padded door anchor
    • 2 anti-slip foam handles
    • Nylon Carry Bag

    We also have combos of our 11 pcs resistance tube set along with either a PVC skipping rope or a pull-up band (heavy – 25-35 kg resistance).

    Hip Band set

    Our Hip Band Set comes in a set of 3 with different resistance levels.  

    These help you isolate and target your glutes, hamstrings, quads or any other leg or butt muscle group. It can be used to add stability for performing specific movements.


    Resistance (kg)

    Length of the band (cms)


    3 to 4.5 



    4.5 to 9



    9 to 14


    Fabric Resistance Bands set

    Our Fabric Pull up Bands come in a set of 5 with different resistance levels.

    These bands help you perform pull ups without unnecessary strain. They can strengthen your trapezius, biceps, rhomboids, and lats.


    Resistance (kg)











    Latex Pull-up Bands set

    Choose from our:

    Strength kit 

    Use this kit for strength training.

    Set of 2 (Light: 15-20 kg & Medium: 20-25 kg)

    Stretch kit

    Use this kit for stretching and deepening your movements.

    Set of 3 (Light, X-Light: 12-18 kg, XX-Light: 8-12 kg)

    All-in-one kit

    Use this kit for stretching, strengthening, and pull-up assist.

    Set of 4 (Light, Medium, Heavy: 25-35 kg, X-Heavy: 40-45 kg)

    Weighted Rope and Latex Pull-up Bands set

    This combo contains:

    • A 280g PVC plaited weighted rope

    • Set of 3 pull-up bands (Light, X-Light, XX-Light)

    Yoga Mat combos:

    Choose from the below combos.

    1. Prana Yoga mat & Pull-up band Heavy

    2. Prana Yoga mat & Hip Band set

    3. Prana Yoga mat & PVC Skipping Rope

    4. Prana Yoga mat & Spin Variable (Performance) Skipping Rope

    5. Couple Yoga Mats (Black & Blue)

    6. The Perfect Yoga Set: Contains 1 yoga mat, 1 yoga block, 1 yoga ring and 1 roller