11pcs Resistance Tubes & Pull Up Band Heavy

11pcs Resistance Tubes & Pull Up Band Heavy

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This combination of 11Pcs Resistance tubes/bands and pull-up bands(heavy) is all you need to complete a quick circuit that includes flexibility and strength training.

11pcs Resistance Tubes/Bands:

Resistance tubes offer a versatile range of exercises that are perfect for

    • Targeted Muscle Gain & Strengthening
    • Weight-loss & Body Toning
    • Injury Recovery & Rehabilitation
    • Comprehensive Full-body Workouts

    Our resistance tube set includes:

    • 5 tubes of different resistance levels 
    • 2 padded Wrist & Ankle straps
    • 1 padded door anchor
    • 2 anti-slip foam handles
    • Nylon Carry Bag

Pull up bands – Heavy

  • Targeted Muscle Gain & Strengthening
  • Weight-loss & Body Toning
  • Comprehensive Full-body Workouts

Accelerate your fitness results by using our extra-strong Pull-Up Bands. Grow and strengthen your Upper Body, Legs, Abs, Back, or Arms by just working out at home or on the road.


With our high-quality Pull-Up Band set you have everything you need: The 4 colored bands have been designed to fit all your individual needs as they come in 4 different resistance levels which can be used to improve stamina, endurance, and overall full-body fitness. bdasjdbasjkfbdajskfbjdkbfjd jfbjdfbdj jfjdfbdjbfjdbf jbdf