The Perfect Yoga Set (Mat ,Ring, Roller, Block) - Burnlab.Co
The Perfect Yoga Set (Mat ,Ring, Roller, Block) - Burnlab.Co
The Perfect Yoga Set (Mat ,Ring, Roller, Block)
The Perfect Yoga Set (Mat ,Ring, Roller, Block)
The Perfect Yoga Set (Mat ,Ring, Roller, Block)

The Perfect Yoga Set (Mat ,Ring, Roller, Block)

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Prana Yoga Mat

Do you practice Ashtanga, vinyasa or another dynamic style of yoga? Have trouble slipping on your mat?

Burnlab Prana Yoga Mats are designed to add Stability & Comfort to your Yoga Sessions. The Non-Toxic Anti Slip Material helps you keep your posture in check, so you can balance betterstretch deeper, and achieve the full benefit of your Yoga Pose.

Prana Yoga Mat -

Benefits Of Prana Yoga Mat:

  • Dense & Tough: The only mat you will ever need! Burnlab Prana mats have a high density which makes them tough. They won’t peel or scrape off during your practice. You will know the difference once you hold it in your hands, it’s heavier and sturdier than other mats.
  • Bacteria Resistant: Prana mats are made with ‘close cell technology’ which resists sweat and water absorption preventing the growth of bacteria.
  • Dual Side Anti Skid Yoga Mat: Our mats have a textured surface on both sides and are built to ensure uninterrupted workouts. You can stay focused knowing that your hands won't slip on the mat surface even during sweaty sessions and the mat will not slip on any floor type including marble or tiles.
  • Non-Toxic & 6P Free: Our yoga mats are free of Phthalates such as DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP, and DNOP(Note: For best results unroll and air out your mat for 2-3 days before use – a harmless odor may be present when unwrapped)
  • Use & Care: Our mats are easy to use – Just roll up and store. In case of spills or stains, use a mild detergent and wipe it away with a soft cloth.

Prana Yoga Ring

Improve Your Posture by working deep muscles & strengthening your entire body using Burnlab Pilates Yoga Ring- at home or when traveling. 

Our Prana Yoga Ring is perfect for those looking to Develop Muscular Strength, Increase Body Awareness, Improve Endurance & Balance, and Correct Posture. It is designed to never snap or lose its spring. With Moisture-Resistant Padded Grips on both the inside and outside, you are free to explore a variety of workouts with varying intensity. The Form-Molded Grips fit comfortably against your body with professional-grade padding

.Prana Yoga Pilates Ring - Description:

  • Full Body Toning: Burnlab Prana Yoga Pilates Resistance Ring is designed to add gentle resistance while working on body-weight exercises. Adding it to your squat or any other lower leg exercises helps tone legs and thighs.
  • IDEAL for improving strength and balance, full-body toning, and flexibility. Power up your home gym workouts or pilates practice with the added resistance. Improve your flexibility by using it as a support tool.
  • Ergonomic Design: The ring comes with soft padded handles on both inside and outside the ring to provide a comfortable firm grip. The ring itself is covered with soft rubber material for your comfort.
  • Tough Materials: The ring is made with tough steel covered with rubber to withstand any pressure while working out.

Prana Yoga Massage Roller

 Prana Yoga Massage Roller - Deep Tissue Massager for Muscle Massage and Myofascial Trigger Point Release, Like A Massage Therapist. Myofascial release is the removal of tension, which if left untreated can result in a loss of performance at best and injury at worst.

Benefits for Massage Roller:

  • Personal Massage Therapy At Your Convenience: This Burnlab massage roller provides a better and deeper massage due to its unique design of foam wrapped around a plastic core with a protruded surface. You can now enjoy massage therapy at home without having to pay any extra bucks, and especially at your own convenient time.
  • High-Quality Foam/Massage Roller: Unlike other foam rollers which will bend or break down easily after repeated use, this foam roller is constructed with a superior quality material which ensures longer life, even after heavy, constant use. This great, sturdy, long-lasting, firm roller will definitely make a permanent place in your daily exercise regime.
  • Portable & Lightweight: This foam/massage roller is lightweight and portable which makes it perfect to carry around while travelling.
  • It can be used for a number of functions like deep tissue massage, my fascial release therapy, stretching, and even vertebral mobilization. Moreover, the foam roller is very easy to clean - just wipe down with a clean rag with disinfectant.

Prana Yoga Block

Deepen your posture and Advance your Yoga practice with Burnlab Prana Yoga Block.

Yoga blocks from Burnlab aren't just for the inexperienced. To improve flexibility, balance, comfort, and stability, blocks can be utilized at any level. Beginners and anyone with injuries or physical restrictions can use blocks to make difficult yoga positions accessible. 


  • It can support your head and neck during lying positions or support your weight during sitting and standing positions. It can also help support various poses by allowing you to hold those poses longer and better.
  • It can help maintain balance: This is particularly helpful during standing, squatting, and sitting positions. This will help you find your center of gravity easier so you can maintain your balanced position longer.
  • It can help you balance, become more flexible, and provide support for your weight it can therefore allow you to hold your poses for a longer time and stay comfortable in that position as well.

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